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And I get involved in Web Development...

I have recently (it was in 2008) read Dijkstra's "The Humble Programmer" article, which inspired me to write down this timeline.

I have born one year after Dijkstra's wedding, so, we can say it takes two generations to colleges start delivering professional programmers to the market.

But the question still stands: are the colleges delivering real programmers?

In the 70s.

When I get into College for an Electrical Engineering course and met "informatics". It was a first sight passion.

In my beginning there was only FORTRAN IV and punching cards. Then, ALGOL 68 arises (thanks again Dijkstra) with cassette deck units. Just when Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak started another revolution in Computer Science...

There was no Computer Science courses in Brazilian Colleges then, so, I decided to jump right into working on that field, confident that I will be doing what I like the most.

In the 80s.

That was called the "micro informatics age", now we have PCs all over the places, running the formidable DOS. A little change in the field, time to learn Lotus 123, Dbase and Clipper.

After that, I get involved into IBM's RDBMSs, REXX language and OS/2. A chance to improve my presentation and communication skills, conducting courses in Brazil all around.

In the 90s.

Client Server architecture was the current hit, VB4 and SQL Server are on the top. A few years later, time to evolve into VB6, Oracle, Filenet and give .net a try.

In the later 90s, it was time to my first steps into HTML, ASP, Javascript and Java.

In the 2Ks.

Finally a challenging change. I'm now looking after a fresh start into Web development field, focusing on Java at work and Ruby on Rails by myself.

A non stop learning into HTML, CSS, Java, Javascript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails and even Web design!

The future? Is awesome!

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